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Ennio Rims and Fucks Ben Before a Cum Facial Finish

Ennio Guardi gives Benjamin Bloom a cum facial

Things start off with Benjamin Bloom splashing water across Ennio Guardi. The blond muscle boy laughs it off and grabs Ben to pull him in for a big kiss on the lips. The guys are making out hot and heavy as they pull their clothes off for some more in depth sex that starts with Ben sucking on Ennio’s big uncut cock. The dick sucking turns to an ass rimming with Ben behind Ennio. Ennio turns and says “we can’t forget about you” and places himself at Benjamin’s sweet ass to return the ass licking. With Ben’s butt covered with saliva it only makes sense to put something in and Ennio’s cock is just right for the job. Ennio screws Benjamin Bloom from behind at first then lays him down for some face to face fucking. The guys look smoking hot as they pump and grind away. Lucky for us, Ennio pulls out of Ben’s ass in time to move up and jerk his load onto Benjamin’s face. Ennio shoots a big stream of jizz that sprays across Ben’s cheek and runs down his chin to his chest.

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Gaelan Binoche Gives Kevin Warhol a Facial

Big dicked uncut euro jock Gaelan shoots his cum onto Kevin's face

Kevin Warhol is a unique model for Bel Ami. He isn’t the typical muscled gym bodied stud like most and he has a number of tattoos. He is complete Bel Ami material in other ways though. He is totally cute, well endowed, and uncut.

This time around Kevin hooks up with hung jock Gaelan Binoche for some hot dick sucking and hardcore fucking. The men begin fully dressed and kiss each other a bit. Gaelan gives Kevin some real pleasure nuzzles on his neck and moving his mouth down Gaelan’s smooth body to his semi hard uncircumcised dick. They take turns sucking each other until Kevin is in a doggie position with Gaelan behind and mounting his tight ass. Galean slams Kevin from different positions but my favorite view is when Kevin looks over his shoulder to gaze at the stud behind pleasuring his ass. The look on Kevin’s face is like a kid eyeballing his favorite ice cream cone. The next best part comes (or cums) as Galean shoots his sex juice across the cute boys face.

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