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3 Guys Get Cum Facials at Male Stripper Party

males strippers give 3 guys a cum facial

Take a bunch of horny men, 4 strippers that go completely naked, and add a lot of alcohol and what you get is a damn good time that was had by all. The strippers go around and let any of the guys sitting in a big circle around the room touch, grope, and suck their cocks all they want. A few of the party members get some special treatments from the entertainment. After the crowd watches 4 guys getting fucked the strippers take the best of the group to get blowjobs. One by one the cumshots are observed by the horny crowd and applause erupts as the cute blond twink sucks every drop of jizz from a beefy black guys hard cock.

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Black Stud Give White Twink a Cum Facial

white twink gets cum facial from black guy

Brett Styles is excited to go back to Intrigue’s place for some black on white gay sex action. They both get naked and start sucking each other almost immediately. Brett sucks Intrigue first then they change positions for Intrigue to suck the white twink’s hard dick. Intrigue licks the long shaft of Brett’s dick then starts licking his shaved hole. Brett is very well groomed down below and there isn’t a hair to be found on his scrotum, perineum, or ass hole. With Brett’s hole covered with saliva and Intrigue’s dick rock hard; Brett climbs on top and lowers himself onto the big black cock. After riding the pole Brett gets on his hands and knees to be fucked doggy style the on his back for a face to face sex session. Brett jerks his cock as Intrigue fucks him and blows his load onto his smooth stomach. Intrigue has another idea and puts his cock to Brett’s face to deliver a facial cumshot. Brett’s pale face with blond hair looks great with cum running down and a big black dick in his mouth.

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Billy Baxter & Hotrod – Massage Fuck Suck Facial

Billy Baxter and Hotrod suck cock fuck and give cum facial

When Hotrod is told to get naked for his massage from Billy Baxter and Billy strips too you know things are going to heat up quick. The massaging of Hotrod’s lean tattooed body only lasts as long as it takes Billy to get his hands on the black guy’s big cock. With just a couple of strokes Hotrod’s cock grows to a full 9 inches and Billy starts sucking. By now, the massage is completely over and the suck & fuck fest has begun. The guys take turns sucking each others dick, fucking each others ass, and finally shoot their cum onto each others face.

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